Our Quality Policy

R2 Factory Quality Policy

We will continuously strive to delight our customers with outstanding quality of our products and services.

In our endeavour to achieve this objective, we will:

  • Deliver early and continuously, by operating to the 12 principles of Agile software development as set out in the Agile Manifesto
  • Measure our activities based on their value returned for our customers, for our shareholders, for our employees and for our community 
  • Treat employees and customers alike as co-creators
  • Assess, manage, communicate, record and monitor compliance to required policy, legislation, customer and regulatory requirements, assuring continued compliance and timely responses to change
  • Enable our customers and employees to deliver work that is robust, trustworthy and safe to be deployed in regulated operating environments, by sharing our methodologies to support their, and our, continuous improvement and learning
  • Design our products, processes, systems and equipment to achieve a high level of cyber security and trust
  • Offer the safest, most inclusive space possible to the widest diversity of experiences, skills and knowledge