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We help industry leaders solve the world’s biggest challenges, together

Collaborate with us to find intelligent solutions to industrial problems.

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R² Factory has spun out of R² Data Labs, the data arm of Rolls-Royce

Benefit from three decades of experience in unlocking hard to access data and building data-driven innovations for the most demanding industrial environments.

Global businesses with complex processes deal with system-wide problems

We have discovered that collaboration is essential to create system-wide solutions

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Tarika Marshall, our Head of Residency

Successful digital transformation requires culture change

In our experience, culture only changes when people collaborate

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We are experts in navigating challenging industrial environments

We can help if you are dependent on manufacturing capability, have varied and complex processes, or work with legacy data infrastructure

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savings & 30% efficiency

Combining quick access to contextually relevant and previously inaccessible data, and the ability to test new models, to reduce the time required to develop and test new materials.


cost savings

An AI model that finds you the best price, to beat the competition. How? By optimising procurement by aggregating many different supply chain data sources, and determining best-prices through rapid scenario modelling.



A near real-time data and scenario modelling platform, aggregating customer and competitor insights to identify market trends and recommend action.

We have created a safe space to do hard things

Since 2017, we've worked with our partners to build pragmatic AI and ML solutions that deliver digital transformation, generating cost savings of over £400 million to businesses across rail, healthcare, nuclear and government.

Elaine Bagley, Business Development Specialisty
Mo Alomari, AI Specialist
Rebecca Hallows, Agile Enabler

Our Community

We’re building a community of agile changemakers to tackle significant challenges such as climate change. Through collaboration, you’ll help shape a better future.

We are a diverse bunch of engineers, data scientists, innovators, professors, coders, and more.

Manisha Mistry, Chief Operations Officer

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Find out how to unlock value in your business, while working with us on the really hard stuff, like climate change, supply chain resilience and trustworthiness in artificial intelligence.
We are based in the UK and the US but our virtual platform means we can work with you anywhere. Why not come and say hello!
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