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About Us
About Us

Engineers, data scientists, innovators, professors, coders...

Our diversity shapes our creativity and culture.

Our diversity shapes our creativity and culture.

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What we do

We’re called a Factory because we make stuff

We build solutions that work in the most demanding industrial environments – combining advanced data analytics techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning, with deep domain knowledge and system engineering expertise.

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​We’ve been doing this for Rolls-Royce since 2017

We successfully set in stone their data transformation. And now we want every industry to benefit from our experience using advanced analytics to create a better world and a better future.
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Now we work with other global businesses to find intelligent solutions to industrial problems.

We have already collaborated with an extensive network across the Aerospace,

Energy, Healthcare, Mining, Nuclear and Pharmaceutical sectors, to deliver hundreds of millions of pounds of value back into those businesses.

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Joining us as a corporate member gets you all the good stuff

The R2 Factory membership programme means you can leverage our AI & machine learning tools, capabilities and experience to unlock value in your businesses, while collaborating with us on the really hard stuff, like climate change, supply chain resilience and trustworthiness in artificial intelligence.

Michaela D'Mello, TA Alethia Framework
Karim Jaffal, Data Scientist
Linus Casassa, Head of DataOps

Curious, collaborative, 
bold, agile, and creative. We embrace a true entrepreneurial spirit.

Maria Ivanciu, Data Engineer
Caroline Gorski, Chief Executive Officer
Dionisios Korovilas, Data Scientist
The Team

Our Punks, Geeks and Superfreaks

Our team hails from 14 countries, speaks 28 languages between them, and have won numerous medals, trophies and awards for everything from biophysics research and neuroscience, to hackathons and basketball!

Between us we have 15 PhDs, 16 Masters, 89 published papers, 30 children, and 10 fish. Never forget the fish...

Meet The Team
Andy Parker, Product Owner
Tish Selakanbarajah, Data Engineer
Published papers