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Our Capabilities
Our Capabilities

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We deliver your data powered solutions

We deliver your data powered solutions

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We’re the data transformation pioneers at the heart of Rolls-Royce, combining advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning with deep domain knowledge and system engineering expertise.

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Our capabilities

We have invested over £70m to develop the cutting-edge tools that underpin the work we do.

Computer Vision

At the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence, our computer vision AI systems help gain insights from videos, images, and visual sensors.

They automate or optimise decision-making and tasks – and the detection of faults.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning techniques are used by our data science teams to create systems that learn from complex datasets and make sense of them.

We use deep learning models to identify damage on critical engineering components.

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Reinforcement learning helps a computer programme improve performance and tackle new scenarios. We apply RL in autonomous vehicles and industry automation.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning helps you go beyond basic data analytics and programming, and find patterns in complex data and teaching systems.

Then, improve data processing to the point where you can produce reliable results in new situations.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP helps computers find answers in the many untapped words companies generate.

NLP plus Machine Learning techniques meant we could build an application that understands and translates complex aerospace language.

Agent Based Modelling (ABM)

Agent based modelling is a critical tool for planning better policies that create a sustainable future.

We use ABM to simulate the behaviours and interactions of people or parts in a system.

Synthetic Data Generation

AI systems generally need lots of data to learn and to improve performance. The right kind of data isn't always available, so our teams can generate synthetic data to help.

Data Mining

Data Mining is perfect for extracting information, detecting hidden patterns and generating new insights from big raw datasets - for which we often use Machine Learning tools along with statistical analysis and data processing.

Knowledge Representation & Reasoning (KR&R)

Our data scientists build automated KR&R systems to enable a computer to solve complex problems.

Graph Theory

Graph theory provides our team with the tools to help clients visualise data and its most complex relationships. Breaking the data out of rows and columns brings it to life so it reflects the real world.

Time Series Analysis

How do variables in a dataset change over time? This is critical for understanding trends or the interaction of different factors over time, giving us better insights and predictions, based on historical time-series data.

Generative Design

As computers can rapidly process data and instructions, applying AI power to design processes generates many designs based on specific inputs. Design teams can then speed up the discovery of new options and fine tune them.

Planning & Scheduling

Our planning and scheduling expertise helps ensure that the best sequence of events occurs at the right time and in the right order, to maximise your business objective.

AI Ethics

Our main aim, borne from the safety culture at Rolls-Royce, is to build trust in AI.

The Aletheia Framework™ is our breakthrough, step by step toolkit for trustworthy and ethical artificial intelligence.

Game Theory

In complex systems, Game Theory provides a basis for decision making. For example helping a company decide whether to cooperate with, or compete against, another company selling a similar product.


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