R² Factory joins industry leaders as a founding member of the IDSP

R² Factory joins industry leaders as a founding member of the IDSP

We are pleased to announce that today, R² Factory has joined other industry changemakers as a founding member of the Industry Data for Society Partnership (IDSP). 

At R² Factory we believe that solving system-wide problems requires system-wide collaboration, so after months of planning behind the scenes, it is fantastic to be able to talk about the work we’ve been doing with Microsoft, GitHub, LinkedIn, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NWG (Northumbrian Water Group) and UK Power Networks in launching this inspiring initiative. 

In this exciting cross-industry partnership, we look forward to playing a critical role in tackling societal challenges such as inclusive economic growth, climate change and sustainability.

We have learned in recent years that open data has been a key driver in enabling faster research and collaboration, so the IDSP has formed to bring together one partnership and greater access to private-sector data. In simple terms, by giving open access to data and bringing together diverse industry views, we can create societal benefits and shape a better future. 

At R² Factory, we learned from our work building the Emergent Alliance (the not-for-profit collaboration between over 50 organisations and more than 300 citizen data scientists) early in the Covid-19 pandemic, that responsible data-sharing can enable industry and government to make more informed decisions in the pursuit of public good. The IDSP’s goal is to help address complex social challenges. It will serve as a forum to foster collaboration between the public and private sectors. It will also bring in researchers, academics and other organisations with expertise in societal issues to unlock the hidden value of industry data.

We are proud that R² Factory is part of the change and collaboration and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve, together.

“R² Factory exists to foster collaboration between industry partners, to unlock the hidden value from data. Taking the lessons we learned from convening the Emergent Alliance — where over 50 corporates, individuals, NGOs and governments collaborated with data to aid pandemic recovery — and continuing to pursue that shared expertise for social good is really important to us. We’re delighted to be founding members of the Industry Data for Society Partnership and are excited to find out what we can achieve together.” 

Ian Whitford CTO, R² Factory