Major industrial firms admit they don't know how to solve the climate crisis

Major industrial firms admit they don't know how to solve the climate crisis

Press Release

A new report, published today by R2 Factory, finds that leaders in major industrial
businesses do not have visibility of their firm’s Scope 3 carbon emissions, don’t know
whether the products they make are recycled and have limited confidence in the ESG
impacts of their suppliers.

  • 47% of senior technology and supply chain professionals surveyed expressed little
    to no confidence in the environmental, social or governance (ESG) impacts of their
    indirect suppliers (the suppliers to their suppliers).

  • Only 33.8% of business leaders felt they had some visibility over their company's
    Scope 3 carbon emissions.

  • 36.6% of executives didn’t know whether their products were recycled or
    re-purposed at the end of their useful life.

R2 Factory, an AI and machine learning business spinning out from the advanced data
analytics arm of Rolls-Royce, today publishes these findings in a new report: Network
Thinking: the paradigm shift in understanding industrial supply chains.

The new report explores the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and other recent supply
chain shocks on the way leaders of major industrial businesses approach supply system
intelligence, risk and resilience.

The report also found 90% of executives have become more aware of complexity in their
supply chains over the last three years, with over a third of those surveyed rating their
supply system as ‘extremely complex’. Further, 83% of respondents said the last three years
had changed the way they view interdependencies across their supply.

Caroline Gorski, CEO at R2 Factory, said: “For the last six years, three of them during a time
of unprecedented supply system trauma, R2 Factory has worked closely with some of the
world’s pre-eminent large industrial businesses. The findings of the survey, interviews and
roundtables are totally consistent with the concerns of our customers, whether we are working with them to solve sustainability, supply chain optimisation or other dark-data-
related challenges.”


Download the report here