A message from our Chief Executive | R2 Factory

A message from our Chief Executive | R2 Factory

Thursday 3 November 2022

Caroline Gorski, CEO at R² Factory

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One of the things you learn pretty quickly when you work at the leading edge of artificial intelligence technologies and advanced data analytics is the quality of what you put in has a massive impact on the quality of what you get out at the other end.

As we add to our fast-growing team at R² Factory this is front of my mind, as recognising that to be changemakers and tackle system-wide problems like climate change, supply chain resilience and trustworthiness in AI, we need truly diverse viewpoints. It is our mission to bring together an army of ‘punks, geeks and superfreaks’ (scroll down to meet them), blending a chorus of voices which are younger, older, from a variety of socio-economic and racial backgrounds, of all sexualities, genders and superpowers.

This is why we open our doors to groups like Women in AI and the Women in Science & Engineering, why members of our team volunteer as STEM mentors with young people in minority groups and why we sponsored the first Undergraduate of the Year Neurodiverse Talent award.

We are working with major industrial brands on some of the planet’s biggest problems, building genuinely game-changing technologies for more eco friendly companies. We are always looking for talented people who bring something different to the party and want to shape the future of artificial intelligence. Won’t you join us?

Caroline Gorski
Chief Executive, R2 Factory at Rolls-Royce